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3 Great Reasons to Go Solar Today

Electric Bills

You can save up to 100% of your annual electricity cost with a rooftop solar power system, depending upon your roof size and layout. And you’ll be protected against the risk of future electric utility rate hikes.

Resale Value

Studies show that homes with solar power can sell six months faster and for significantly more than similar homes without solar. Which only makes sense: Homes with solar have dramatically lower electric bills.

Zero Down

With our zero down solar financing, it costs you nothing to start saving with solar. Your electric bill savings offset the monthly loan payment for your solar panels. And you’ll get a big federal tax credit.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose
Florida Solar Solutions

Thousands of solar installations nationally
Your solar electricity production is guaranteed in writing
40–50 year solar panel life
25 year performance warranty
Huge federal tax credit reduces the cost
Certified installation (usually just one day)
No moving parts

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